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Tips for Playing Online Roulette

Tips for Playing Online Roulette

Since the first recorded spin of a roulette wheel back in 1796, millions have tried their hand at coming up with a formula for beating the odds. Sadly, considering the fact that over 200 years have now passed and we’re still no closer to finding said formula, bethard casino UK review from ReviewOnlineCasinos it’s largely safe to say it doesn’t exist…and most likely never will.

And to be honest this is a good thing, as games like roulette couldn’t exist were it not for the possibility of striking out – that’s where the thrill lies, after all. On the plus side though, there are ways and means by which you can improve your odds of winning at least a modest prize – especially if you join the online roulette revolution that’s going on all around the world right now.

What’s you’re lucky number?

Single Zero European Roulette Wheels For example, it’s always worth taking the time to find a roulette wheel to play on that has only one zero on it as opposed to two. American roulette wheels more often than not have two zeros, which means you have a one in 39 chance of hitting the number you bet on. European wheels on the other hand have just a single zero, so your odds improve to one in 38. The difference is 2.7% to 2.63% respectively and while this doesn’t sound like the most monumental improvement to your odds, every little helps in a big way. If you’re planning to play regularly or for a long period of time, these little differences soon add up.

Understand the Sliding Scale

There are really only two ways of playing roulette – one being for maximum returns and the other being for any returns at all. Like most casino games, what you have to remember is that there is a sliding scale at work here which mean that the higher the potential win, the lower your chances of winning it. Betting just $20 on a single number might win you $700, but you’re massively more likely to win $40 by putting the same $20 on red or black. The odds never change, so all you need to do is understand the odds of each bet and the sliding scale in order to bet accordingly.

Never Look for Patterns

Red hasn’t come up for nine spins, so surely it must be due to come up next, right? Wrong. And how about number 21 – it’s come out six times in the last ten spins, so it must be a lucky number, yes? No. Argue all you want, but every single spin of the roulette wheel is as random as the last. The odds of a thousand spins in a row being all red or even the same number are just as high as any other random string of numbers and colours. So regardless of what your gut or indeed your astrologer might tell you, don’t get sidetracked looking for patterns that don’t exist.

Enjoy It

The moment you realise you’re still playing though aren’t exactly having fun any more, it’s time to walk away. Frustration and anger will only ever lead to bad decision making, so even if it’s a little painful to walk away accepting defeat, it’s more dignified than sticking around and losing even more.